Don’t base your arguments against UKIP on torrent of lies

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The LibLabCon are terrified of UKIP and torrents of lies about the party have issued forth in recent months.

Mr Gannon (November 20) prefers misrepresentation to outright mendacity.

Senior EU officials have stated clearly that when the UK leaves the EU, a full trade agreement is inevitable.

This is partly because we import far more goods from the EU than we export to them and partly because internationally, so many nations have preferential trading agreements without EU membership.

Any other response would be massively self-destructive. The EU is not totally stupid.

Our foreign aid bill is highly inefficient, sending out many unmonitored funds and to nations such as Argentina as well as to others running nuclear weapon and space programmes. UKIP will target aid for worthy causes only.

Where did Mr Gannon get the idea that UKIP plans to stop immigration? If he were to take a little time to inform himself, he would see that a UKIP administration would regain control of our borders and would then implement a considerably fairer points-based system, similar to that seen in Australia.

Racism? Has Mr Gannon not spotted that one of his three local UKIP MEPs, Amjad Bashir – a friend of mine, incidentally – was born in Pakistan. Moreover, the MEP who oversees our immigration policy is of mixed race. May I state that UKIP welcomes members from ethnic minorities. Please accept this letter as an invitation if you are fed up with the current self-servers.

Sorry, Mr Gannon but basing arguments on what current politicians and big businesses with vested interests have to say and on a report whose conclusions have already been ripped apart, seems a little less than wise.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, S13