Does he deserve a second chance is crux of the case

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First let me set the record straight I am a Sheffield United supporter.

Secondly I have worked over the last 10 years in the prison system so would consider myself quite well qualified to set the record straight on an article published in the letters section, October 3, from a member of the stop Ched bandwagon.

“Rapist Evans shows no remorse” was the headline above the letter.

As he has maintained his innocence from day one why would Ched show any remorse for something he has not done, according to him?

Should he at any point have shown any remorse or entered into any type of offending behaviour course during his time in prison this would have been viewed by the Ministry of Justice as an admission of guilt and would have quashed any appeal against the conviction and any miscarriage of justice he and his advisors may feel have taken place.

Until otherwise stated records will show Evans to be a convicted rapist .

Ask yourselves this question – if he is guilty then by not admitting any form of guilt or carrying out the crime he has served longer in jail than he needed to have done and also forsaken any chance of serving part of his sentence as a cat D prisoner in open conditions.

The actions of an innocent man or a man who can’t face up to his own actions, making him a coward?

Personally, I don’t have a view either way whether he plays again or not, but does he deserve a second chance?

People who have committed far more depraved, violent and evil crimes have been given one. Where were all the detractors then?

Should he be put in the arena to become a role model again? Some would argue not. These same people need to ask did they watch Mike Tyson boxing, buy the book or watch the film?

The difference between the two people is what?