Does fly-tipping solve the fly problem in bins?

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I am writing to you about the fortnightly black bin collection in Sheffield.

The main problem is flies. Because the bins are not emptied weekly, we have noticed a proliferation of them in and around our bin.

This obviously leads to many maggots in the bin, which in turn leads to more and more flies coming into our house.

To deal with the fly problem in the bin, we use a power washer when the bin is emptied and spray with disinfectant, which is what a bin cleaning service does.

We spray disinfectant in the bin every day, and wrap everything in bags which we then seal by tying.

This makes no difference, apart from costing a fortune in disinfectant, bleach and fly spray.

We also find that waste disposal sites have very limited opening hours, so we can’t take the waste there easily

I’m sure you will appreciate that council tax is at a high level, and we are unable to allocate payments to particular services.

This is surely causing a health hazard.

We do not condone fly-tipping, and do not do it ourselves, but we can understand why this is increasing.

Do householders do this to rid themselves of the fly problem?

We think that there are other expenses which the council could cut, without cutting essential services.

Keith Taylor

Beckton Avenue, Waterthorpe, S20