Does Bannerdale Centre have to be demolished?

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I note with regret that Sheffield will shortly be losing a little-known example of art deco architecture.

Tucked away off Carterknowle Road the Bannerdale Centre has served the local community since the 1930s, having started life as Abbeydale Girls Grammar School and now used for further education.

It will thus join the recently demolished 1958 (and quality) Abbeydale Boys Grammar School, Abbeydale Grange and Holt House which all once occupied this valuable triangle of land. It was a microcosm of good examples of architecture dating from the 1850s to the 1950s, but now no more.

I think we all know that the plan was to clear the entire site for housing and 100 homes are now to be plonked in and around this wooded green lung.

Whilst I appreciate that Sheffield Council are eager to wring as much value out of this site as possible, the Bannerdale Centre could and should be incorporated into the new development as a community centre and also continue its current educational role.

The building has been well maintained and contains some delightful internal art deco features of which Sheffield possesses precious few. Does it really have to be reduced to rubble like the much lamented Sheffield and Ecclesall Co-op building at the bottom of Ecclesall Road and the Osborn Mushet building on Penistone Road, both buildings of similar vintage which were lost in the name of ‘progress’?

Howard Greaves

Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society