Do anti-UKIP barbs reveal a Lib-Dem voting preference?

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In his letter entitled “Beware UKIP” (The Star Letters Tuesday, May 13), Mr Hutchinson makes a good start by saying that he finds UKIP’s publicity very clever insofar as it attracts many people who no longer bother with established political parties.

I am but a humble UKIP foot-soldier Mr Hutchinson, but I couldn’t agree more. And, on behalf of our national and regional publicity teams, I thank you.

Alas, after this Mr Hutchinson goes on to make some quite bizarre claims.

If we are (exclusively) a party of small business people it is news to me. I’m sure we have a number of small/medium business people in our ranks, like our MEP candidate Amjad Bashir, but we have members from all walks of life.

As for our members benefiting from a closed-off UK market after leaving the EU, this is simply nonsense. One major point in favour of leaving the protectionist EU is so that the UK can then trade freely and fairly with Europe and the rest of the world.

After grotesquely comparing us with “the nastiest of old-style Tories”, Mr Hutchinson ends with a somewhat convoluted sentence that suggests, at least to me, that in his opinion the left is failing voters by not coming up with sufficient socialist, (nascent fascist-squelching), alternative policies.

Note the slipping in of the term “nascent fascist”. Tut tut Mr Hutchinson, even Hope Not Hate have more or less stopped calling us rude names.

I presume that Mr H, apparently being out of sorts with almost everyone else, will be voting Lib Dem on Thursday.

Mick Andrews (UKIP Doncaster)

Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN2