DNA clue in rape attack

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DNA recovered from the underwear of a woman who was raped as she walked her dog in South Yorkshire partially matched that of the man accused of attacking her, a court heard.

A partial male DNA profile was found on her bra strap and in swabs taken from the body of the 50-year-old woman, who was allegedly raped in daytime on the Trans Pennine Trail at Elsecar last June.

Forensic scientist James Chapman told Sheffield Crown Court the chances of the DNA on the bra strap originating from someone other than David Brian Thompson was one in 230,000.

The probability of the DNA found on swabs taken from the victim being from someone other than 38-year-old Thompson was one in 16,000.

Asked why there was a discrepancy, Mr Thompson said the DNA found on the bra was a more complete profile than the DNA found on the swabs.

He said: “The more incomplete the profile, the greater the chance someone else could be the source of the DNA.”

Mr Thompson told the jury each human is made up of 50 per cent DNA from their mother and 50 per cent from their father.

He said a complete DNA profile was made up of 11 regions or bands of DNA.

The jury also heard from police worker Kevin Cooper who said the victim picked the defendant out in an identification procedure.

Thompson of Ash Grove, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, denies rape and two counts of assault by penetration. The trial continues.