Disregard for Sheffield people

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I SEE Sheffield Labour council has decided to move to fortnightly bin collections AND stop the collection of green waste!

Surely this will mean that rather than encouraging people to ‘go green’ they will put their garden refuse in the black bins, increasing overall waste and leading to more fly tipping?

This demonstrates once again their short-sightedness and total disregard for the people of Sheffield.

A little like the Labour councillor Steve Wilson, who you reported bragging on Twitter about holidaying in the Caribbean with his wife (Labour MP Angela Smith). How insensitive is that ?

Champaigne socialism lives on.

John Barber, Chapeltown

Not welcome

I HEAR that Toby Foster of BBC Radio Sheffield believes ‘there is nothing’ in New Zealand. I thought that with the internet people were better informed, obviously not BBC radio hosts. Mr Foster must believe he is funny, and I guess in his own circle of one he is, but his comments are those of a very ignorant person. I have been fortunate to live in the UK and visit many towns, including Sheffield. I grew up using knives made from Sheffield steel and it is obvious Mr Foster is not as sharp as a Sheffield knife. The girl in his story was Australian. Obviously geography was not a prerequisite for Mr Foster to obtain his job.

Dillon O’Sullivan, Auckland, NZ

I AM 78, was born in England and have lived in New Zealand since 1954. It is a wonderful country. It appears Toby Foster hasn’t visited New Zealand. If he did, he might change his view, but then he wouldn’t be welcome and we’d probably prefer to see him on the first flight to Heathrow!

Keith Hamilton, Auckland New Zealand

Pay their own

I’ve been closely following the decision at Doncaster council to cut workers’ pay by 4%. Is this just the workers or are top staff on over £70,000 a year included? How much of a cut are these going to take? It should be in the region of 12% to be in line with lower paid workers. If they scrapped the pensions of these staff and made them pay for their own it will make it about right.

Stephen Faulkner, Tankersley