Dispute over lost Plusnet payment

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Who still uses postal orders?

Harry Woolhouse for one - he sent a postal order for £53.90 to Plusnet to pay off his bill after cancelling his account. He has the receipt but didn’t send it registered post and is unable to say whether its was received or cashed.

So the next thing he knows Plusnet is demanding the money again in a letter.

Harry, aged 75, of Hepworth Drive, Swallownest, rang the company and claims he was told not to worry. But then got a letter from debt collectors demanding £75.


A Plusnet spokesman said they would wipe the slate clean and call off the debt collectors as a gesture of goodwill.

He added: “The information that my colleague Stuart told the customer wasn’t necessarily correct. Upon looking into it, it appears that the account has been closed but it doesn’t look like we received a cheque for the final payment. The outstanding balance, along with the cease fee was therefore sent to debt recovery.

“As Mr Woolhouse was told incorrect information, as a gesture of goodwill we are happy to remove the outstanding balance owed and waive the cease fee.”