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city centre buses
city centre buses
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After visiting a relative at Wisewood on Friday, I decided to catch the 52A bus to Hillsborough and then catch 81 or 82 to take me home, rather than take the long route on the 52A via Walkley Lane, Crookes, Broomhill and West Street.

I got talking to a couple at the bus stop at Hillsborough Interchange who had walked it from Stannington as there was no sign of a bus. When the 82 came, a lady got off who told us she had waited an hour for this bus.

When the bus got to Snig Hill there were about five drivers there waiting for the bus they were due to take over. There was also an old lady who was trying to get to Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium. No-one could tell her which bus she needed. She said this was the third stop she had been sent to.

As we were going on to Ecclesall Road, the driver announced that as he was running late, we would all have to get off at Hunter’s Bar as he was running late and was going to turn round and start the journey back to Stannington.

He just told people they would have to wait for the next bus.


Janet Pix

Peveril Road, Sheffield, S11