Disgraceful police attitude to vandal

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After reading the article concerning the van arson attack outside Mr Les Ibbotson’s hardware shop in Stannington, I had to comment and tell of my experience of crime in the same area.

Just a stone’s throw away from the shop reported in The Star, my mother in law, who is registered disabled, was staying overnight.

I too live in the Stannington village area.

At around 2.30am the car she owns was broken into.

The car was damaged to such an extent it was not driveable.

The response we had from the police when we phoned to report the crime was quite frankly disgraceful.

The response of the lady in the police call centre was: “Well, you’re insured, what’s the problem?’’

That statement beggars belief.

So hang on, it’s okay to commit a crime, if you’re insured, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.

Shocking attitude.

It also took the police an hour to arrive when a quicker response may have caught the culprits.

I think you would need a good excuse as to what you’re doing walking around Stannington at 2.30-3am.

I do sympathise with Mr Ibbotson’s frustrations.

The response from South Yorkshire police, which I accept is facing manpower cuts, was disgraceful.

In my time living in Stannington I have not even seen any community police wardens in the area.

We all pay our taxes and deserve a decent service, if any.

But this would seem out of the reach of the South Yorkshire Police.

Resident of Oldfield Terrace, Stannington. Name supplied