‘Disgraceful’ attack by pupils on bus passenger

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SCHOOL pupils subjected a Sheffield woman to a degrading attack on a crowded bus - shouting lewd comments and spitting down her top.

Police are investigating the incident, on board a number 88 bus, which they believe was carried out by pupils from Silverdale School, Bents Green.

Alex Devine, aged 21, caught the double decker on Ecclesall Road after finishing work at Aviva Insurance.

“The bus was really crowded and I had to stand at the foot of the stairs,” she said.

“A bunch of teenagers were leaning at the top of the stairs and started shouting sexual comments. I was wearing a vest top and they were trying to spit into my cleavage.

“I was humiliated.”

Alex said fellow passengers tried to alert the driver but he failed to take any action.

Alex, from Walkley, complained to Stagecoach and police the same day but said Stagecoach has only just responded - more than a fortnight after the attack on March 16. The company told her they may have wiped the CCTV footage.

“The way Stagecoach has handled the incident is disgusting,” she said.

PC Tom Goodhill, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “The children’s behaviour was disgraceful. It is likely they were a group of Silverdale pupils.

“We want law-abiding kids who were appalled by what happened to come forward.”

Paul Lynch, managing director, Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: “We were most disturbed to hear of this particular incident. As a goodwill gesture, we have offered Ms Devine a week’s free travel and have also spoken to the driver about the incident.

“Because of an administrative difficulty, we were not able to deal with the matter as promptly as we would have liked.

“We are looking into whether CCTV footage will still be available.”

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