Disastrous time in power

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Peter Price seems to suffer from the short memory and delusional syndrome of many socialist supporters.

It would appear he actually believes Labour did a superb job when last in power.

This was the most corrupt and sleaze-ridden party this country has ever had the misfortune to suffer in modern times.

So those with a very short memory span will have conveniently forgotten the happenings during their disastrous reign in power.

Law and order was a complete shambles with more police time spent on form filling and prosecuting victims rather than villains.

Many of the judicial sentences handed out seem to have been taken from a joke book.

The NHS investment produced more managers and administrators than the all-essential front line nurses and Doctors.

Immigration became totally out of control with no workable idea of how to deal with it except to patronise the nation with useless rhetoric. This is the legacy we are left with today.

Gordon Brown became our Prime Minister but was never voted into office and reneged on a referendum and signed away our final rights within the EU.

He presided over the destruction of many company pension funds, bringing despair to former employees when their money just evaporated into the black hole.

Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer also sold off a huge portion of our gold reserves at rock bottom prices and squandered the money.

Signing up to the Human Rights (of which our then PM Tony Blair’s wife appears to done well out of by immediately heading up Matrix Human rights legal organisation),

There was taxation by stealth (council tax increased by over 70 per cent) plus so many other tax increases it’s hard to keep track of them as they appeared almost daily.

Tony Blair took us into war with Iraq but ducked taking Mugabe to task for his persecution of the white farmers and many citizens of his country, just for disagreeing with his politics.

As for Labour performance at the local level, well due largely to the absence of any political acumen by the traditional “vote for the red suit voter” Sheffield and South Yorkshire have for the last 50years remained under Labour control and in the second division when it comes to progress and forward thinking. This is regardless of which party controlled central government.

So no Mr Price, it wasn’t a good job overall for many of the population, otherwise they would have been voted back into power.