Disappointed in Doncaster Rovers’ current situation

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I have been a Doncaster Rovers supporters for over 60 years, and a season ticket-holder for quite a while now. To say I am disappointed in the current situation is a gross understatement.

Whilst ever John Ryan was involved with the Rovers there was always an air of optimism with the club, even when we went down, but now that he has been forced out any optimism has gone. John was an enthusiastic chairman and fan of the Rovers, I see nothing of this with this board.

If John Ryan thought that bringing Sequentia on board was the best thing for the Rovers future then I was prepared to back his judgement. It seemed a win win situation with Sequentia investing in the Rovers and only taking their money back if they managed to get promotion to the Premier League.

People have mixed views on the benefits of promotion but without investment it will not happen anyway. My opinion is that it would be nice to get into the Premier League even if we came straight back down again.

It would be rewarding financially and wouldn’t it be nice to see all the top teams down at the Keepmoat?

As it is the Rovers will do well not to get relegated back to League One.

The board say that the best thing for the Rovers is to continue as at present. Just what is their vision for the future, it looks pretty bleak to me without John Ryan.

Alan Broughton