Disappointed but it’s not a great surprised

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I see that the Blades have sacked Nigel.

It doesn’t really surprise me, but I am disappointed.

United were once a big club. Now they are a small lowly club, who cannot keep their best players.

The Academy improves players, and then the players tend to move on away from the Blades.

It is time the directors of the club put their hands in their pockets and came up with something that will deter agents from taking players away.

We also need other teams to be frightened of us, and we really should be aiming for three points a match.

We have also lost the art of dribbling, and we need at least three strikers and two new goalkeepers.

Only that way will we get out of League 1!

We also need a good manager, who is not afraid to push and push the team.

Enough said!

Greg Chapman

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