Disabled baby trial adjourns

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THE trial of a GP being sued for allegedly failing to spot that a pregnant mum was in labour has been adjourned for a judgement to be prepared.

Hannah Parkes, now 15, was starved of oxygen when her mum Mandy Parkes delivered her prematurely without any medical help on the bathroom floor at her home on Brook Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, in February 1996.

Mandy, who was 31 weeks’ pregnant, had been complaining of sharp stomach pains during the afternoon before the birth - but when her GP Dr John Mann was called out, he told her she wasn’t in labour.

Hannah’s parents are suing Dr Mann, head of the Blue Dykes surgery in Clay Cross, for clinical negligence on behalf of their daughter, who suffered severe brain damage and needs to be cared for by her mother and father.

The civil trial is being heard at the High Court, sitting in Sheffield.

The judge, Mr Justice Openshaw, adjourned the case after hearing all the evidence, and is expected to hand down his judgement next week.

The trial heard Mandy felt unwell at dinner time on February 20, and that Dr Mann called at the house at 6.10pm, visiting her for 10 minutes.

Mandy, now 56, said the doctor told her she had stomach cramps, that the baby was fine - and that she should ‘calm down’.

Medical expert Dr Kevin Barraclough told the court Hannah’s birth was ‘unforseeable’ and that Mandy’s early labour was ‘extremely unlikely’.