Digger driver’s lucky escape

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A BUILDER had a lucky escape when the digger he was using overturned onto a concrete post which missed his head by inches.

Darren Bretton was trapped by his foot in the machine, which slipped while he was clearing a garden in Darton, Barnsley.

He was taken to hospital with a gash to his head - but doctors said if he’d been two inches further to the left he would have died.

Darren, aged 48, told The Star: “As the digger was tipping over it was going straight onto a concrete post which came through the cab.

“When I saw it as we were tipping over I did my best to get out of the way. A couple of inches the other way and my head would have been stuck on that pole.”

Neighbours and other workmen helped free Darren at around 3.40pm on Thursday before he was taken to Barnsley Hospital for stitches.

But Darren, who owns a building and electricals firm, returned to work at the property on Bluebell Road yesterday.

He said: “I was okay apart from the blood going everywhere, but I knew I was okay because I was compos mentis.”

Firefighters confirmed they received a call about a man trapped under a digger, but he was freed before they could attend.