Difficult walk to buses

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We are disgusted that no consultation has taken place over the removal of the 120 bus on its present route.

To say we have the 51 and 40 is ludicrous. Don’t they realise how difficult it is to walk for either when you are elderly and infirm and live at the back of Westminster estate? Also the return journey is uphill and it is more than 600 metres as David Young states.

When I came to live here I could walk from the 51 and the then-60 bus but now find it difficult. I can just about manage the stop at the top of Crimicar Lane. Removing the loop denies elderly residents on Hallam Grange from shopping at Fulwood.

How can we leave our cars when they take away our most convenient bus?

C Wilson, Secretary, Westminster Tenants and Residents Association

Why is it always Lodge Moor that loses a good bus service? Every additional bus that has served this estate has been withdrawn. Not everyone has access to a car. If you need to go to hospital not everyone can have an ambulance or afford a taxi. Gone are the days when buses were run as a service to the public.

But I must say that the 120 drivers seem polite.

Name and address supplied

Can First explain why, every time I go to catch the 11a through the Deer Park estate on Sundays, either one is missing or they’re late? I waited 40 minutes for a bus that is supposed to run every 30 minutes. When I told the driver what I thought about the service, he told me they weren’t given enough time to stick to the timetable!

Needless to say, I was late.

David Burke, Deer Park Way, S6