Did you not cover demo?

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Having reduced the days we buy the Star following the doubling in price over the last 10 years I did not see the original editorial where you admitted censoring news of a demonstration in Rotherham last week.

A dangerous precedent has been set by your decision to select news you report on.

What more information does the Star know or have access to but has not reported due to the editor’s personal beliefs?

Did the Star know about the gang rape of thousands of children by mainly Pakistani men but not report it earlier due to ‘religious sensitivity’?

Did the Star know more information regarding the Hillsborough disaster but not print the evidence ‘to maintain integrity in the Police Force’?

Has the Star ceased reporting on anti-social behaviour in Page Hall to ‘preserve cultural tolerance’?

Sheffield Miller

by email

Editor’s Note: The Star’s reporter and photographer covered the far-right demonstration in depth, live from the march online and in print, in more detail and ahead of all of our competitors.