Did British run away during war?

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With regards to Sarah Hogg’s Letter “We need to accept refugees.”

First thing is the statement that they have seen horrors she can only imagine.

If she looks back at the two world wars that Britain fought these included horrors you could NOT imagine.

Secondly,the statement “they dont want to sit in camps while IS pick off their children”.

From what I can see and hear on the news it’s only the men running away.

All I can say is, stay and fight for their freedom. Most of the men running away are fit and healthy and there’s no reason why they can’t stay and fight.

Thirdly, “They want health needs met, their children to go to school, they want regular food and most of all they want saftey.”

Surely they had all these things before the troubles.

Now Sarah, from your vivid descriptions, I would say Britain had the same needs in the world wars, but did the British people run away?

No, like many other people my parents, grandparents and other relatives fought and died for what Britain is now.

David Mitchell

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