Dick Turpin and price of petrol

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ON visiting Morrison’s petrol site, at Catcliffe, it was evident to my very experienced fuel trigger finger that ‘we’ have been thwarted!

In all these years ‘we’ have never ever gone over £30 for petrol. Not by one penny. Not ever. Until this week.

On reaching my customary £30 total and removing the nozzle, to my utter disbelief the display read £30:01p. Not to be beaten ‘we’ rounded up to £31:00p. Damn, on removing the nozzle, ‘we’ have gone over: £31:01p.

Into the kiosk, deflated, only to be told: “£31:02p.”

‘We’ plead not guilty only to be told by an uninterested looking attendant that it’s not his problem, he only takes the money. So did Dick Turpin.

Now it’s the turn of a gent behind me. Guess what: £20:02p!

When I next get my fuel loyalty voucher from Morrison’s to spend in their store I wonder if it may be £5:02p?

To end this rant my immediate family, myself and our five cars won’t be visiting Morrison’s petrol sites any time soon.

Paul Webster, Woodhouse