Development would create large carbuncle on landscape

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From the Rotherham Growth Plan 2015-2025 the first impression is that the proposed development of Todwick North (LDF0830) is a ‘done deal’.

The plan refers to a need for a site to be of more than 30 hectares and be ‘spade ready’, with good road links and near the M1.

This is like’ selling the family silver’ just to satisfy some greedy developer who want the minimum development cost rather that utilise a brown field site.

What has happened to development of brown field sites and preserving the green belt lands? Would the developers walk away due to the cost, especially when ‘easy’ green field sites are being presented to them by RMBC.

From earlier comments by others to the Final Draft Sites & Policies in November 2014 the site LDF0830 is prone to flooding each winter and the nearby smallholdings do not have connection to sewage drains and so any development on the site would necessitate significant ground works with subsequent disruption to the surrounding area.

Vehicular access to/from the site would also create major traffic increase during construction and when complete, as the roundabout is already overloaded at peak times.

This development would create a very large and conspicuous ’ carbuncle’ on the landscape and ruin the entry to Todwick as well as being another step in linking Todwick to Dinnington and the proposed housing development LDF0730 would be a further step to linking Todwick and Kiveton Park.

If a retail outlet/s were on the site (LDF0830) this would increases the traffic level though Todwick to an even higher level, which at times now are potentially dangerous on Kiveton Lane through Todwick as well as adding traffic to an already very busy roundabout on the A57.

Ray Sykes

Todwick, Sheffield S26