Development’s scant regard

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Anne Smith (Aug 3) urges us to fight garden-grabbing.

We are experiencing the trend of property being bought to rent. Our small and once tranquil cul-de-sac is being turned into overspill parking for cars and large vans to the extent that the police have intervened.

The latest proposal is to extend a once picturesque two-bed bungalow into four dwellings comprising two-, three- and four-bedroom units with provision for six vehicles.

Residents of Ashfield Close are already experiencing the result of the parking of vehicles owned by tenants of three cottages who are faced with inadequate parking facilities.

The proposed development has scant regard for the environment.

David Lee, Ashfield Close, S12

Artist Martin is topical master

I VISITED John Martin’s Painting the Apocalypse exhibition, knowing nothing about the artist and left stunned. Perhaps the resonances were strong, as I went on the day after the financial markets collapsed.

In his paintings we see how tiny we are in the face of natural forces. We are vulnerable in disaster, and often bring disaster upon ourselves, especially where we have been arrogant enough to believe we are in control.

Also showing were several modern reinterpretations of his work by Gordon Cheung. Painting on stock-market listings. The Gods in Cheung’s world are the bankers; when their heaven is shaken by the monster they created, they appease it by the sacrifice of mortals.

Peter Garbutt, Raleigh Rd, S2