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I LIVE in Regent Court flats at the bottom of Bradfield Road and facing Penistone Road. On July 27 the planning department told me a developer has applied for outline planning permission to build 13 flats on the site of Hillsborough WMC and the two houses connected with it, 20 metres from Regent Court, at its narrowest point.

There would be parking spaces and access for the three- to four-storey development creating, especially between the two blocks of flats, a possible canyon effect affecting the daylight each development would get. The height of the new development would be roughly half the height of the Regent Court.

Access to these flats would be near the access to the club. It does not generate much traffic, however these flats would change that with residents’ vehicles, deliveries, council and even, spare us the thought, emergency vehicles.

This is 100 yards from a major junction and may increase the risk of accidents.

Do the builders really know about the ground conditions (despite their report)? It was an old water mill site at one time and when Regent Court was built in 1939-ish the original builder went out of business because he didn’t allow for the fact that the ground still held a lot of moisture. In fact the second builder had to dig the foundations twice as deep as normal.

We are in time of climate change with many more weather variations than before.

During the 2007 floods, the Penistone road area was badly hit and Regent Court was helped more by having a large basement/cellar area than normal dwellings which is why the fire brigade comes here to train staff for emergencies in flood and bad atmosphere situations.

The brick wall by the River Loxley would not hold back water for long, no matter how much flood prevention work is carried out. The flood destroyed a large portion of river wall near Brightside Lane when the Don wrecked everything in its path.

If you have a view, contact the Planning Dept at Howden House, quoting (F Heaton ref 11/02347/OUT).

George Proctor, Regent Court