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UK governments “interfere” in Middle East countries then disown local interpreters and their families leaving them at the mercy of the barbarians.

UK government MPs are caught committing fraud, but only a token few prosecuted to placate the masses.

UK government MPs involved in child sex abuse covered up for years by “the system”, then a few dragged ducking and diving all the way to a token prosecution.

MPs who are regularly absent from Parliament always seemto be “caught” by the press photographers for the token attendance at wringing-of-hands ceremonies.

These same people still wish to be known as The right honourable or His Lordship or Her Ladyship and moan that people no longer cast their votes.

I can’t really understand it, can you?

Just an afterthought, we send more than £15 billion pounds annually to support struggling third world countries but we have food banks, soup kitchens and a very recent appeal for charitable donations for one of our own children who desperately needs an up-to-date wheelchair.

You couldn’t make it up really.

Mick Sutherland

by email