Delivery of six faulty cookers a hot topic for fed up Stella

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Stella Noonan and her husband have had enough of takeaways and eating out.

They have been without a cooker since 27th April after having six faulty cookers delivered from Curry’s.

All they want to do is cook a meal using an oven in the kitchen of their home on Constable Close, Gleedless Valley. And after numerous phone calls and emails, Stella has turned to the Action Desk for help.

When the couple’s cooker, which they’d had for nine years, was faulty they went to get a replacement from Curry’s. They’d got insurance with Know How and were told that they would get a cooker which was like for like. If their insurance money didn’t cover it, they were told, then Curry’s would increase the difference so they could get a cooker like their old one.

On April 27, they went to buy a new dual range cooker - they’d received £700 from the insurance and Curry’s covered the remainder of the £1,119 balance. When cooker number one was delivered, the doors were faulty so was returned. Cooker number two and three arrived. Again, the doors were faulty. This pattern continued until cooker six had been returned.

The cooker has now being recalled by the manufacturer, but that doesn’t help Stella who is still left without an appliance.

“No-one is prepared to give us a cooker which is of the same quality and specification because they’ve (Curry’s) already added funds to it,” said Stella.

“There is no cooker at Curry’s that is similar to the one we had. What are we meant to do?”


After The Star called Curry’s, the retailer got in touch with Stella and sorted out a new cooker.

A spokesman for Curry’s said: “We are sorry for the issues your reader has experienced. We have now agreed to deliver a new high-spec model, as well as offered compensation to cover some of Mrs Noonan’s food costs.’’