Delays no good for city

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Potholes have been a plague on Sheffield’s roads for some time.

So any delay to the work of filling them in and providing smooth, bump-free roads in the city is bound to provide an annoyance to vehicle drivers and cyclists.

And that is the case in certain areas of the city where work is to be delayed in 43 zones including Upperthorpe, Gleadless, Penistone Road and Norfolk Park.

One zone in Dore had a start date of June but the work will not now take place until February 2016. Work in Totley, Sharrow and Brightside has also been set back by eight months.

Streets Ahead says start dates were provisional and changes made for operational reasons.

As maybe can be expected the issue of potholes is highly politicised.

It would be fair to say that it is nigh on impossible to be filling potholes simultaneously at every site across the city.

By the same token it is important that work is carried out fairly and evenly so that no area can feel they are being left behind.

It is a juggling act that will win only applause from those who are seeing improvements.

The main thing is that Sheffield’s roads improve without further delay.