Defending view on the castle

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John Brown states that my recent letter demonstrates how little I know about Sheffield’s role in the Civil War.

In fact, my letter referred to the possible extent of the remains of Sheffield Castle and Mary Stuart’s links with Manor Lodge.

I’m not aware that anyone has ever claimed that Mary (1542-1587) played a part in the Civil War (1642-1651) but if he has other information perhaps he might care to share it with us.

David Templeman, meanwhile, insists that Manor Lodge receives lots of visitors but fails to provide any figures to back up his claim. The fact that it has received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund is no guarantee of popular support. Has he forgotten the National Centre for Popular Music and the Earth Centre?

Paul Kenny, S3

Something else

CONGRATULATIONS on your article ‘Tram-endous Weekend’ (December 29) of last summer’s events. Yes, there was no rioting or wanton destruction here, as in other parts of Britain, but a peaceful and cultural summer of marvellous events. Unfortunately, I was only able to take in the Folk Forest events in Endcliffe Park, a wonderful setting. I have heard that apparently the organisers might be thinking of enlarging the Endcliffe park section of Tramlines, to include blues and jazz. If so, then next summer’s events, are going to be ‘something else’.

Steve Davis, Totley Rise

High praise

I RECENTLY lost my wife after 12 months’ illness, including seven months in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. I cannot praise too highly all the doctors, nurses and support staff of Ward P2 for the care and attention given to Sylvia.

When there is so much bad publicity about hospital care I think Sheffield is very lucky to have the Royal Hallamshire Hospital whose doctors and staff are a credit to the NHS (which I say stands for Nice Helpful Staff).

Sylvia also stayed five months at Fulwood Lodge Nursing Home and manager Mueti Moomba and his staff were absolutely brilliant in caring for her. It must be one of the best nursing homes in the country.

Albert Littlewood, South View Close, Loxley

Don’t they care any more?

i’ve never been more disgusted than to read Marjory Neal‘s account of the plaque that commemorates the work of the Women of Steel who worked 12 hours a day to help our boys who were being killed in their thousands and which is walked on daily and nobody cares to read it.

I am sure, with all the memorials that are going up for different things they could have done better for us. Or don’t they care any more?

E Newsham, S5

Double-decker trains

If we get the high speed rail could we accommodate double-decker trains like I have seen in Canada?

I know we have low bridges but if we got a new line would the double-decker be possible?


Our only enjoyment

i AM sick of hearing the Government preaching about what we should and shouldn’t do.

Don’t smoke, don’t drink etc. They are the only enjoyment some people have in this miserable world.

Ann Taylor, Sheffield

Try factory work

gabby Logan brags about her work ethic.

True, she has two or three jobs, meanwhile millions are jobless.

But is sitting in a TV studio in a very expensive frock really work?

She ought to try working for a month in a factory on minimum wage.

Ricky Campbell, Thorne Road, Doncaster