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To anon S13. Me? Rattled? I don’t think so, and no I don’t think that people who get dirty do all the work, I do realise that it’s a team effort.

But to clear some things up, it’s reps that bring the majority of the work in and they for most part are out on the road.

Back in the halcyon days I worked double shifts, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Afters and nights, don’t see no seat-shiners doing that mate, and after doing all that, unlike you, who probably haven’t got many aches and pains from hard work, I might be daisy pushing before I get a state pension.

May I say too your letter has a patronising tone to it, I’m not thick mate, not by a long chalk, and neither am I a violent man.

Yes I did say what I said about IDS and anybody who’s got compassion in their soul for what “that” and his department have done to vulnerable people in this country would feel the same ire.

Unless they are I’m all right Jacks like you.