Decision was already made

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MANY households received a questionnaire (not this one however) on what cuts should be made in order to save money.

But Coun Shaffaq Mohammed believes the budget for the coming year would probably already have been agreed thus making the questionnaire a total waste of money.

Reading that weekly bin collection may be being changed to fortnightly makes me believe that he was not far from the truth.

Julie Dore asked that the questionnaire be returned by January 6. With the best will in the world, I cannot believe that all the returned questionnaires have been scrutinised and a decision reached on the findings as to where savings should be made.

It seems obvious that this decision was made regardless of what the results of the questionnaires were.

Chris Williamson, Charles Ashmore Rd, S8

Nowhere for the kids to play

So Sheffield is to lose more playing fields to housing.

Nowhere to play, kids? Don’t worry you’ve got the legacy of the Olympics coming next year.

Yes I know it’s 160 miles away and, yes, I know your parents helped pay for it and even if you could afford to get there you couldn’t afford the entrance to any of the facilities. But don’t worry, council officials will tell you how fine the sports arenas are when they return from their all-expenses-paid jollies to the £10 billion games.

But think on the bright side. If we win 10 gold medals, each with the regulation six grams of gold, it will push the gold price up to £160 million a gram. I’ve already got the pliers and am inspecting my teeth.

Fortunately, gold is not used in the honours medals in the New Year for ‘organisers’ who have been busy spending our money. Their gold will be already in the bank.

N Brownell, S7