Decision adds cars to roads

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By withdrawing X15 and re-routing X14 bus services, First Travel has cut off a whole village overnight!

As a Hallam University student, I travel daily into Sheffield during term time. The changes mean I will have to walk to and from Swallownest to catch a bus to Sheffield.

Essentially this has cut off an entire village overnight. This inconvenient alteration will add another 20 minutes to my journey with a steep hill between home and Swallownest. This will be particularly frustrating in winter, with the risk of black ice, not to mention having to carry my heavy university bag and folders.

Thankfully, I have youth on my side, but what about my elderly neighbours who use the bus? Does First expect them to walk an extra 20 minutes? It’s disgraceful that they reduced our buses so dramatically with no public consultation.

We should be investing in public transport, particularly to reduce our carbon footprint. How are we expected to rely on public transport when there is none available?

How many cars has First’s decision added to our roads?

Deborah Osborne

buses through Mosborough village have always finished at the interchange until the last couple of months when the 49 (formerly 21) was re-routed into the city centre to High Street and down to Moorhead – great! Now we find it’s going back to the interchange – rubbish! The reason given is the traffic jams in the city centre. How can a bus that runs half-hourly massively contribute to these jams? Some routes are every 10 minutes – they cause the jams. Mosborough loses out again as usual. It’s the forgotten village until it’s time to collect council tax.

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