DEBATE TIME: Star readers have their say on Vladimir Putin, breast cancer, tree felling, and foodbanks

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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We have another mixed postbag for you today, here are the highlights...

Urgent call to go pink for Breast Cancer
Like many of your readers, I’ve had family and friends affected by breast cancer, which is why I’m encouraging everyone – with a little help from Linda and Pauline – to grab their favourite girls, dress up and hold their own fabulous Big Pink to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Care.

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Western leaders could learn from Russia’s Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has just turned 63 with an announcement that Russian naval vessels had launched a wave of missiles against Islamic State in Syria, a distance of around 1,000 miles.

The Russian leader has never appeared more confident and his grip on power never more secure.

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How can an ‘Outdoor City’ have its trees cut down?
At a time when the city is being rebranded as The Outdoor City in the hope of becoming a tourist destination because of it, is it not ironic and really disappointing that council and its contractor, Amey, are hell-bent on felling healthy highway trees throughout the city?

The beauty and civic amenity of the Rustlings Road lime trees complement Endcliffe Park – which is no doubt one of the destination parks that the city will want to promote to tourists.

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‘Smarmy’ Tories should be made to watch foodbank show
I was watching the smarmy euphoria of the Conservatives at their conference and then watched the food bank crisis programme in Dundee.

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