DEBATE TIME: Star readers have their say on Thatcher, Scargill, migrants, roadworks, and fracking

Margaret Thatcher continues to polarise opinion, long after her death
Margaret Thatcher continues to polarise opinion, long after her death
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Thatcher was a cold, destructive cash-driven dealer

So, we have a letter on your pages in praise of Mrs Thatcher.

Bit odd that this should happen a few decades too late. Why anyone should see the end of proper unions as anything to shout about I really do not know.

Especially as we now see the direct consequences of that today, not only that, from her direct political offspring...

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Roadworks are causing chaos in Sheffield

What on earth is Amey playing at?

Yesterday, Monday, August 10, I had occasion to visit my doctor’s surgery at Crosspool, so went by taxi as I usually do.

On leaving I caught the 51 bus to Broomhill and called in at Sainsburys, then went to the bus stop at the top of Glossop Road to catch the 120 bus...

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Ban food and drink on Sheffield buses

We caught the No 47 bus to town today and I think this particular bus was a new prototype service as rubbish was everywhere, so I think it may be a mobile dump-it site.

Besides the cans jammed between seats, there were bits of food on the seats, Metros scattered everywhere, on the seats, underfoot, on the stairs.

Sandwich wrappers, crisp bags you name it and you’ll find it somewhere on a bus...

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Scargill told the truth, Thatcher did not

I feel concerned about your Star letter writer on August 20 about alternative views to left-wingers who write to the Star.

The person who wrote wishes to talk about Margaret Thatcher’s reign but is reluctant to put their name to the letter.

Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979 with the knowledge she had loads of money coming into the treasury coffers from North Sea oil, which was in plentiful supply, and so decided to systematically destroy the major industries of this country to try to bring the working class on their knees in order to gain revenge for the downfall of Ted Heath’s government from the three-day working week, to make the working class grateful to accept the crumbs that fell off the table...

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Migrants are decent people, not ‘scum’

Before calling people she has never met “scum” and implying that Sheffield Council bring them here, Shirley Samworth should avail herself of a few facts.

Migrants make a net contribution to the national wealth.

Asylum seekers do not decide to come to Sheffield and the council do not ask for them...

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The European Union is a great thing to be part of

Your correspondent Kirk Kus (August 17) makes a case for the UK standing alone outside the European Union, but omits a number of important facts. It may be possible for the UK to leave and stand alone, but is it really desirable in a globalised and increasingly unstable world?

Of course we could negotiate a similar trading arrangement to that of Norway and Switzerland, but what Mr Kus failed to mention was that those two countries have to obey the rules, without having any say in what they are, and also pay in a similar sum per head of population to enjoy the benefits of free trade within the EU....

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We don’t want our landscape vandalised by fracking

We have a gun to our heads courtesy of the government closing pits and power stations here. In other countries coal is subsidised...

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Chance meeting in Burma in World War Two

I attended the ceremony in Barkers pool, on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day. I probably had more reason for being there than some, having served with Wingate’s Chindits in 1944, a force which operated behind enemy lines.

I looked and asked around for anyone who served in Burma and I couldn’t find anyone.

Was I the only one?

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In search of Alan and Kenneth Moore

May I through your column ask any of your readers to help me trace two men, or ask them to come forward and contact me?

A family friend Vera Ward died in the Northern General Hospital, January 16, this year.

Two men looked after Vera for some time prior to her going into hospital, doing errands, shopping etc...

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