DEBATE TIME: Star readers have their say on Jeremy Corbyn, Ron Springett, and asylum seekers

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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Corbyn shows his contempt for Britain

So Jeremy Corbyn has shown his true colours. He stood, stone-faced, hands by his side and remained silent whilst everybody else sung our national anthem.

You notice I say “our national anthem”, as the national anthem is a gesture of your allegiance to our nation, something that Corbyn obviously hasn’t got.

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Why give refugees asylum when NHS waiting lists are so long?

I just read the headlines in today’s Metro, NHS patients “could go to France for operations” to try to cut waiting lists.

Next page, Yvette Cooper says, “we can’t wait, give 10,000 asylum right now.

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Sheffield’s refugee sanctuary has set an unwanted precedent

While becoming the first City of Sanctuary was no doubt intended as noble and well intentioned, perhaps Sheffield has unfortunately set as unwanted precedent.

“Sheffield, like most major cities in the UK, face many challenges and problems unique to big cities.

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So long Ron Springett - thanks for the beefburger

I am sorry to hear Ron Springett had passed away. I used to work on the Master Cutler Pullman train. I met Ron on there when he used to travel to play in matches.

He asked me if I went to away matches, I said yes, so I went to the next away at Stoke with six mates and he gave me eight tickets.

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Jeremy Corbyn is cut from a different cloth

Now Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party in what was an astonishing result by wining almost 60 per cent of the vote, is it now the time for the enemy within the establishment who oppose him to bury the hatchet and let him get on with the job in hand?

If the Blairites and the rest can’t stomach working with him and accept change then in my opinion they are right to throw the towel in.

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