Death crash driver lost control on bend

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A DRIVER was killed when his car smashed into a tree after he lost control on a bend on a Doncaster country lane.

Other motorists thought Craig Galloway was going too fast along Forstead Lane as he headed from Arksey to Barnby Dun in September last year.

Police crash investigators believe the 28-year-old mechanical estimator may have spun off the road when he tried to reduce speed on a left hand bend approaching the canal bridge at Barnby Dun as he drove to work.

There were no witnesses to the crash, around 8am on September 7, and the wreck of his Vauxhall Astra wrapped round the tree was discovered by the drivers he had just overtaken.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded at a Doncaster inquest. Mr Galloway lived in Thornhill Avenue, Wheatley Hills.

Michelle Birkby, the driver of a Toyota Aygo, gave evidence that she thought his car was “going faster than it should have been.”

Suzanne Webb, driving a Renault Megane, said she was “not happy” with the way he overtook her.

Mr Galloway was certified dead at the scene and collision investigator Adrian Burgoyne said the impact on the driver’s side was on the weakest part of the car.

PC Burgoyne believed the driver was not wearing his seat belt but that it would have made no difference in a side impact.

Marks on the kerb indicated there had been no emergency braking before he left the road on the bend, slid down a ditch and careered into the tree.

“Had the tree not been there it could have been different consequences - he may have had broken bones but it would probably not have been a fatality,” he said.

The most likely theory for him spinning off the road was lifting his foot off the throttle while driving round the bend at a speed approaching the maximum, which led to oversteer and loss of control.

“If he had kept his foot on the throttle he would have had a better chance of negotiating the bend.

“He either thought he was going a little bit too fast and eased off, or has seen something that made him ease off, and that has altered the characteristics of the car which resulted in loss of control,” said PC Burgoyne.

Deputy coroner Fred Curtis said he was satisfied there was no other vehicle involved and he was probably travelling at a speed approaching 60mph on the bend.