Daughter’s six-week holidays the end of an era

tenderBS''Pullins Amusement Funfair at Endcliffe Park, Sheffield 'Empty swings
tenderBS''Pullins Amusement Funfair at Endcliffe Park, Sheffield 'Empty swings
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Last Friday was the last ever day for my eldest at infant school.

As I stood waiting for her outside her classroom I suddenly felt very sad as I realised this was the end of an era for her and, more importantly, for me.

I valiantly held back the tears as I watched her give a brief hug to her teacher – who looked far more upset than the children who were racing out of her classroom.

My daughter had been telling me all week that she was very sad to be leaving her teacher and that she didn’t want to go up to junior school next term as it would be a different teacher. This however was the same reaction she had last year at the end of term.

I had said she could always go back and visit her old teacher if necessary when she started her new class.

But did she ever go back and visit?

No. Not once.

That’s how fickle children are.

I was also sad at leaving some of the other parents who I know I may never see again as their children are off to other schools.

It was only when we got out our diaries to see when we could maybe get our respective children together over the holidays that I realised just how busy my children, or rather one child in particular, are.

I was feeling guilty as I have my children in childcare this week while I work and next week the eldest is being farmed off to her granny’s for a week.

But actually they are having a whale of a time.

Already they have been on fairground rides at Endcliffe Park, pictured, and have spent the day at Norfolk Heritage Park playing in the fantastic playground there.

And yesterday a good friend of mine took the eldest out for a morning’s pony ride – which made me very jealous as I would have loved to do that with her.

However, I am keen to get involved in activities with the children in the time off I do have with them this holiday.

In particular I want to get them involved in the Sheffield City Council backed Passport to Learning initiative, run by Sheffield Children’s University.

Children as young as five can who try a new activity and learn a new skill qualify for credits on a special ‘passports’.

For more information visit: www.sheffield.gov.uk/cu