Daryl has determination to get on career ladder

A4E 'Giuseppe Costagliola, Jess Hadfield, Jo Berresford, Daryl  Pryor, Collette Beckett, Keith Willey
A4E 'Giuseppe Costagliola, Jess Hadfield, Jo Berresford, Daryl Pryor, Collette Beckett, Keith Willey
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FOR a lot of young people, securing that first job is about more than just the pay packet. It is about beginning to carve out a life for themselves.

That desire to do something is present in Daryl Pryor.

After leaving school the 20-year-old joined college to complete a course in carpentry and joinery.

Though he did not complete the whole qualification for personal reasons, his studies taught him to work well with his hands – a quality which often gets overlooked in the application process for new positions.

Unfortunately for Daryl, his willingness to graft and skills in manual labour can only be showcased in the working environment.

And that is why he has signed up to The Star’s We Want to Work campaign, in the hope he is given that chance to prove himself to an employer.

The campaign gives jobless people taking part in the Government’s Work Programme, delivered by A4E, the chance to pitch themselves.

Daryl, of Lower Manor, said: “I’d love to work in a warehouse or do factory work. Anything with my hands. I got a temporary job with the Royal Mail last year and I really enjoyed it.

“It’s not easy. I have interviews and sometimes I never hear anything back.

“I would just say to an employer that I’m not scared of hard work.”

Daryl admits that his situation is similar to many of his peers in the modern age – struggling to find opportunity in a world of bleak youth employment prospects.

However, rather than admit defeat, he is taking active steps to boost his employment prospects further, using his benefits to pay for driving lessons.

He said: “A lot of the jobs I look at ask you to drive, so I am learning.”

n If you have a suitable vacancy for Daryl, contact Sheffield’s A4E office on 0114 289 4700.