Dark side of saving energy

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In our fragile world we are constantly striving to save on energy, my husband has religiously changed every light bulb in our home for energy efficient ones. Has Sheffield council and NEDL gone a step too far?

We live on Yew Lane a main B road (B6087) which connects Ecclesfield to Hillsborough and for the last seven weeks we have been and still are without street lighting opposite Coppin Square. Despite numerous calls to both the above we are still without.

Ten to 12 lights out in succession seriously poses risk to motorists and pedestrians. We are at our wits’ end and simply want a conclusion to the whole affair. Surely this is why we pay council tax.

Tracey Calton

Finding out if Clegg is any use

in coming months we’ll see just how good are our MPs.

Areas which saw civil unrest will call for Government resources to be diverted to them to combat the deprivation they’ll claim led to riots.

No doubt they’ll say the absence of trouble in the likes of South Yorkshire/North Derbyshire shows that we don’t need such help.

Our politicians will have to make the case for this area to ensure we don’t lose out.

Of course, it’ll be tough for MPs who are not in the coalition, to get their message taken seriously. But one MP should have a chance to put our case to Cameron. After all the member for Hallam is deputy PM. Looks like we’ll find out if Nick Clegg is any use to us.