Danish origins

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I enjoyed the article about the origins of Jordanthorpe.

In the Doncaster area, we are surrounded with “-thorpes”.

We also have many “-bys”. Balby, Denaby, Maltby. “By” is the Scandinavian word for village.

Then there is “-borough”, from the word for castle or stronghold. (Sprotbrough, Mexborough.) The name of Conisbrough derives from “the king’s castle”. The castle is still there and open to visitors.

Also, in the centre of Doncaster we have over a dozen “gates” – East Laith Gate, Frenchgate, High Fisher Gate. These were not gates as we know them today. The Scandinavian word for street is “gata”.

So we’re rather more Viking than Roman, really.

Chris Andrews

Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN2