Daniel excellent in lead role

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Having read the stinging criticism in your letters page, I went to the production of Company in some trepidation.

By the interval I was wondering whether I had come to the same show.

It was an excellent production all round, very enjoyable and different.

I suspect it was that Daniel Evans’s dare-to-be-different’ attitude that upset some people who prefer to stick to the same old tried and tested productions.

Daniel was excellent in the lead roll. We are very fortunate to have him as artistic director of Sheffield Theatres. I have yet to see a bad production since he took charge and far from sacking him, I sincerely hope we can keep him in Sheffield for the foreseeable future.

John Scholey, Clifford Rd, S11

Debt completely unacceptable

congratulations to The Star and reporters Richard Marsden and Ben James on the Your Right to Know campaign.

Figures published regarding council tax debt (£26 million) are a disgrace and completely unacceptable.

It apperars that both political parties have failed the Sheffield taxpayers.

It questions the expertise of the team responsible for collection of council tax. It is a good job that rent arrears were not mentioned.

The last figure that I heard for this particular area was around £9 million.

Add this to the sum of uncollected council tax and you have a substantial amount. What a help such a figure could be to the council budget?

SB, ex-S6