Dangerous traffic island

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As a bus driver who operates services between Chesterfield and Sheffield I feel I must write and explain the danger of trying to manoeuvre a large vehicle around the Norton roundabout.

When the traffic island was changed I had hoped for the introduction of traffic lights if only to be used at peak times.

Unfortunately the lights did not appear, so when driving from Sheffield to Chesterfield you are faced with trying to join the roundabout with a large vehicle which does not have the acceleration of a motor car.

The traffic is coming around the island from the offside consisting of three lanes at such a pace it leaves no chance for the larger vehicle to make progress onto the roundabout.

I believe this traffic island to be extremely dangerous in its present form and needs some way to slow down vehicles that are entering and leaving this area.

I hope that the people in the council traffic management department will look at the situation and help the drivers of larger vehicles do their jobs as safely.

Peter Milnes

by email