Dangerous South Yorkshire rapist deserved jail term

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A DANGEROUS sex predator who molested two terrified women has been told by top judges he deserves his potentially lifelong jail term.

Convicted rapist Jason Anthony Keith Merrick first molested a 16-year-old girl. Then, in a horrifying second attack, he broke into the home of his second victim while wearing women’s underwear and lay on top of her.

She managed to get away from him, and he was later arrested by police officers.

Merrick was locked up indefinitely for public protection at Sheffield Crown Court last October, after admitting three counts of sexual assault.

But the 28-year-old, of Norfolk Co urt, Rotherham, challenged his sentence at London’s Criminal Appeal Court.

Solicitors acting on behalf of Merrick claimed the indeterminate prison sentence was over the top for his crimes.

However, his appeal was dismissed by three of the country’s most senior judges.

They said the open-ended sentence handed down to Merrick was the only way to ensure the public are protected from him.

Mr Justice Griffith Williams said Merrick had a number of previous convictions, including a very serious offence of rape.

In 2001, he and two other men followed a male victim home and forced him to hand over his house keys, before entering his house.

Merrick then forced the victim upstairs and raped him, while the other two accomplices ransacked the house.

The court heard Merrick was jailed for nine years for that offence.

He was still on licence when he sexually assaulted the two women early last year.