Daft Dave’s decisions

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The use of Posh to describe a person with a hair parting is a slur on people wanting to look tidy.

I would like to think in academic terms as the 3D Prime Minister.

Daft Dave’s Decisions.

Today we read of armed robbers in Sheffield, but we are also aware of the shortage of money for the council.

Only a daft person would take money from his own and give it away, as in China football, (whatever happened to McCabes help in buying Sichuan Blades)?

Now 3D is talking of giving more millions to foreign aid.

Is he playing with a full shilling that the people of this country will see a second generation of children who are even now taking over our estates but 3D will not see this from his ivory tower?

The public are being asked to contribute to this and to that.

We are now seeing the results of fewer police as more and more gardens and sheds are being stolen from. Is this the start of 3D’s rules to anarchy?

Never has this country seen such a bunch of misfits pretending to serve the people of this country.

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