Dad’s appeal for lost camera full of images

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A devastated father-of-two has pleaded for the return of a camera featuring thousands of family pictures which he lost on a night out.

James Todd left the Samsung L100 in a taxi. He says he is willing to offer a £500 reward if it is returned.

“It’s killing me,” said the 25-year-old of Handsworth. “The camera itself is probably worth about a tenner these days but it’s got thousands of pictures of my boys growing up that I don’t have anywhere else. I just want those back.

“If someone has it or if someone took it I’m not bothered about them getting in trouble, I just want the pictures back. That’s why I’m offering the reward.”

Images include family weddings, birthdays and Christmas celebrations. Hundreds feature James’s sons, aged just four and 18 months.

The camera was still with the sales account manager when he got in a taxi in Rotherham town centre late on Christmas Eve, and when he got out of the vehicle to go to a cash machine in Darnall.

But he then left it in the car after being dropped at home.

“The trouble is I can’t remember which taxi company it was,” he says.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident has been reported.