Dad pays tribute to Chesterfield man who died of fatal heroin and alcohol mix

Chesterfield coroners' court.
Chesterfield coroners' court.
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A father has paid tribute to his son who died after taking a fatal combination of heroin and alcohol.

Steffen Hall, 28, was found dead in his flat on Arundel Close, Chesterfield, on November 13 last year.

Speaking during his inquest at Chesterfield coroners’ court on Monday, Mr Hall was described by his father, Christopher, as a “really nice, loving person”.

The court heard Mr Hall was found by his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Redfern.

A statement from Ms Redfern which was read out in court said she split up with Mr Hall three months before she discovered his body.

In the statement, she described him as a user of heroin and amphetamines who would inject into his arm.

She added: “On November 13 I went to see Steffen because I had been missing him and wanted to see him.”

Ms Redfern knocked on his door but there was no answer so she entered his flat through an unlocked door.

She found Mr Hall slumped over on a sofa, cold and unresponsive.

She alerted a neighbour who called the emergency services.

Detective Constable Brett Turner, of Chesterfield police station, attended the scene.

He told the court that Mr Hall’s flat was in an “extremely dirty state” with drugs paraphernalia and used and unused needles present.

Det Con Turner added that there was a small, red mark on Mr Hall’s left arm and he was surrounded by a number of cans of alcohol.

The officer said it was possible other users may have taken advantage of Mr Hall’s vulnerability to use his flat to take drugs.

Toxicological tests revealed Mr Hall died of combined alcohol and heroin toxicity.

Coroner Paul McCandless said: “It’s clear that Mr Hall was a much-loved and loving individual who sadly fell into using illicit drugs and alcohol to try and help with how difficult life can sometimes be.”

He concluded Mr Hall’s death was alcohol and drug related.

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