Cyclists do need law on helmets

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Glynn Thompson, needs to read the whole of the ROSPA document concerning cyclist’s accidents.

Of the 19,215 casualties involving cyclists there were 3,085 serious and 16,023 slightly injured

One wonders how many deaths would have occurred if the cyclists were not wearing helmets?

As a driver of over 30 years it has been my perception that, unfortunately, there are still far too many cyclists who do not wear helmets.

Moreover, the same document does state: “Almost three quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries.”

Yes Mr Thompson, cyclists do need a law to have to wear helmets. Vehicles have lights on them to enable the driver to see and be seen by other vehicles. So why not the same for cyclists?

Mr Thompson has clearly been influenced by science fiction if he believes that cyclists would “eventually become almost invisible” if they had permanent hi-viz and lights.

As to “compulsory” health and safety measures having a detrimental effect which may discourage people from cycling, a motorist must have a vehicle which has a valid MOT and take many lessons and pass tests to assess their competence before being allowed to drive on our roads.

None of these is a detriment to the millions of drivers on our roads so why should similar conditions be a detriment to cyclists?

As to the matter of exercise, there are many safer ways such as walking, gym membership, swimming and sport which do not involve risking life and limb on the road.

Colin Levesley, Rotherham