Cycle lane splurge

Have your say

Derbyshire County Council are also involved in cycle lane ‘splurge’.

They plan to upgrade the route from the back of Eckington Junior School, known as Back Lane, leading into Bridlepath No 119 then into the bottom of Eckington Senior School playing fields, creating a track into the car park and proposed cycle sheds.

For 20 years my neighbours and I fought to get a path closed that ran illegally behind our houses. Eventually it was partially fenced by the council. Now apparently something adjacent is to be opened.

When I wrote to my MP, Natascha Engel to complain about this I was told: “Eckington Junior School and Eckington Seniors are all very pro-active in supporting this project and the police have been partners in the project from the beginning. Meetings have also been held with Derbyshire County Council officers with responsibility for footpaths.”

A meeting with local councillors last February, was attended by about 15 residents. Of these, only ONE was in favour.

The meeting was not well publicised and when I talk to neighbours and those families that are backing onto this route very few are aware of it. They are almost all very annoyed by this.

How many of the decision makers actually know what the existing bridleway looks like or exactly where it is? Why were residents not made more aware of this project? Where is the money coming from for this nonsensical project?

Exactly! Us, the rate-payers. So, let’s have our say.

Resident, Fernbank Drive, Eckington

THE Lib Dem accusation that Labour on Sheffield council is spending money on cycle lanes at the same time that highways schemes are being cut, is misleading to say the least, given that when they controlled the council, they supported these schemes. On the issue of the crossing at the junction at Crookes Road and Fulwood Road, funding was actually cut by the Lib Dems when they controlled the council - Labour have not taken any money from this scheme. These petty political games will get us no where and it’s time that the Lib Dems grew up instead of this cynical sniping from the sidelines.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Cabinet Member for Transport