Cutting aid for weak and vulnerable

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RE: DISABLED made to hand over half of their disability allowance and living allowance towards service and care to Derbyshire County Council (Feb 2).

These are the most vulnerable people, unable to speak up for themselves. The Labour council says it will save £12.3m from the adult care services. Up to April 2011 the severely disabled have been entitled, by law, to this money.

I have never been so angry, not since Tony Blair classed my carer’s allowance the same as a job seeker’s and, on reaching the age of 60, I had to give up the carer’s allowance if I wished to receive my state pension, even though I had taken care of my severely disabled son for over 40 years.

Now, unfortunately, due to age and ill-health, my son has, for the past two years, been in a lovely placement with two other clients in a bungalow with hands-on carers, which is what we always wanted. We are happy and so is he.

I dread Derbyshire Council’s cuts. Surely, the council run by Labour could have targeted waste of money, such as weekly Labour papers and a glossy pamphet boasting its own achievements, or free lunches for councillors and freebies.

Cuts to front line staff and care homes for the weak and vulnerable are unforgiveable.

I’ve saved the country and council hundreds and thousands of pounds in care costs coping and caring for my son. To save money by taking it from my son and other severely disabled people is despicable.

Why don’t the powers-that-be stop universal benefits to the likes of Sir Paul McCartney or Lord Michael Heseltine?

Jennifer Butcher, Dronfield S18.