Cute new arrivals at South Yorkshire farms

Pygmy goat kids have just been born at Graves Park Farm

Pygmy goat kids have just been born at Graves Park Farm

Say hello to these cute little critters who have been welcomed to farms across South Yorkshire.

Five adorable pygmy goats have just been born at Graves Park Farm in Sheffield – and in Barnsley dozens of perfect piglets have arrived at Cannon Hall Farm.

Graves Park Farm manger Peter Fletcher said: “These pygmy goat kids have been born over this last week. We’ve got five in total – three boys and two girls.

“The mums look after them but the one we call Bob is an orphan so he is being hand-reared on the bottle.

“They have got little personalities already – they’re starting to bounce around a little bit and they’re very mischievous.”

Peter said there is always something going on at the farm and regular visitors will see plenty of new arrivals in the coming months.

“There’s always new life on its way at the farm,” he said.

“The next things we will have born are calves and lambs in the next three months, then chicks and ducklings in time for Easter.

“We also have a couple of emus and we are hoping they will start laying eggs as it’s the right time of year. We will be watching them very closely.”

Meanwhile in Barnsley, Cannon Hall Farm director Robert Nicholson said there is plenty keeping the farm workers busy including new baby animals, daily milking demonstrations, and some big investments.

The farm has recently invested £1.5million in a new farmyard and it has received a grant from the Regional Growth Fund for an indoor play centre and classrooms. Work on the scheme is due to begin in April.

Robert said: “We are gearing up for a busy time – the farm is just starting to come to life and new arrivals are just starting to happen.

“We get pigs all year round, there are 200 sheep due to land in February and another 250 in April. We have 60 or 70 donkeys due to kid and we have pregnant donkeys and alpacas too.”

Graves Park Farm is open daily from 9am to 4pm.

Cannon Hall Farm in Cawthorne is open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm.




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