Cut shower time to help save energy

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RESIDENTS in Sheffield are being urged to spend two minutes less in the shower - to save energy and help the environment.

A new study by energy giant e.on found city residents spend an average of eight minutes and 45 seconds in the shower five times a week, which equates to 382 hours under the showerhead each year.

It means on average showers are costing individuals in Sheffield more than £353 a year.

Energy experts are now calling on all Sheffield residents to make a small change to their bathing habits, which will result in a dramatic reduction in household water heating bills across the city.

Beverley Maguire, e.on energy fitness expert, said: “While a lovely long hot shower or bath can be the ultimate treat, it’s important to know the real cost of this and how it can impact on the environment.

“It’s clear Sheffield residents love spending time in the bath and shower, but savvy families should consider adjusting their habits to save money, energy and water.

“We’d urge everyone in Sheffield to knock-off a minimum of two minutes from their shower, saving households across the area at least £4 million a year.”

The study also found 52 per cent of Sheffield residents admitted showering is their preferred bathing option.

Although, when they do choose the tub, it is for an average of 16 minutes and 36 seconds, twice a week.

Other tips for reducing energy consumption include: not running the shower before you get in; turning the shower off while lathering up; turning down the temperature of the shower and fitting a water-saving device to gauge usage.