Cut big parties down to size

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We’ve heard a lot about fairness from the government lately.

Their idea of fairness is to concentrate wealth in the hands of the wealthy, with the rest of us getting whatever they can’t grab. Mine is that if you don’t have the support and consent of the voters, you shouldn’t be governing.

Most voters are not represented by anyone they voted for. We have a Conservative government in all but name, executing policies supported by fewer than two voters in five. The last time there were more votes for than against the ruling party was 1931, and most coalition MPs don’t even have majority support in their own seats.

AV has the potential to transform government, forcing fractious politicians to forget winning absolute power and co-operate in the common interest. It’s also our best chance to cut the big parties down to size.

Can’t stand Clegg? Bored with Blunkett? Want an MP with new ideas? No chance under the current system.

J Robin Hughes, Worrall, S35